__Traditional Music for a New Day
The Lost Cave Sessions: Lost River Caverns

In January of 2005, Rob received a call from the owners of Lost River Caverns in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. They had this idea about creating a recording of traditional music inside the caverns to commemorate the 75th aniversary of the cave's opening to the public. DayBreak had played at cave keeper Beverly (Gilman) Rosewicz' wedding back in 1990, and I guess she figured DayBreak may be just crazy enough to go along with the idea...And she was right!

In April and May of 2005, DayBreak overcame some obstacles including damp conditions and cool temperatures (52 degrees all year round) to hold two recording sessions deep inside Lost River Caverns. These caverns truly do have a river in them and water is constantly dripping and seeping across the cavern floor.

The photo shown here graces the cover of our completed recording... This photo was taken in 1948 in front of the cavern entrance. It wasn't easy, but we built a time machine and travelled back to the early days of the cave to get this shot.

See some photos and read more about recording session 1.

See some photos and read more about recording session 2.


What people are saying about LOST CAVE:
"...the disc has a full, echoing quality
that enhances the music and gives
the recording a magical sound."

-The Morning Call

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