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Recorder Ensemble

Renaissance to Ragtime

Heartwood includes Laura Loewen, Marilyn Nolt, Lynne Rush, Susan Miller, and Rob Yoder


We are a group of recorder enthusiasts who enjoy the recorder and playing in an ensemble. Occasionally we add percussion, guitar, harp or other instruments to the mix. Where the group will go from here is anyone’s guess. We’ll keep playing for the joy of it and as long as we’ve still got wind enough to make our recorders sound.

Heartwood occasionally performs in churches, libraries and wherever they’ll have us in Bucks and Montgomery counties and the surrounding area.

Heartwood Group Photo






From Left: Marilyn Nolt, Janice Arrowsmith, Ray Overpeck,
Lynne Rush, Beth Yoder, Rob Yoder and Laura Loewen


Heartwood performs at schools, dinners, parties, churches, and wherever else they will have us. Scheduled public performances are listed below:


Heartwood in performance


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Recorder Links

Recorder music - Christian Mondrup
This is a great source for recorder scores in PDF form

The Recorder Player's Page
This is where I found the Christian Mondrup page

Renaissance Music
Another source for scores and excelent information on Renaissance music

Princeton Recorder Society
This is where we first found Janice Arrowsmith. Several of us have enjoyed their fine workshops.


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